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From flood lights to torch lights, these days almost all types of lighting systems make use of LED technology. This huge advancement in the field of lighting technology has not only made exterior lighting more efficient but very economical too! LED flood lights and other exterior lights also produce less heat, contributing less to the global warming and consequently to the betterment of the environment.

What is LED Technology? :

Light Emitting Diode (LED) basically works on the principle of electro luminance. There are certain materials that emit light when placed in a strong electric field or when a strong beam of electric current is passed through the material. This phenomenon is known as electro luminance. An LED contains a semi-conductor diode with a positive and a negative junction. The movement of the electrons and protons due to the strong electric field within the semi conductor creates the light. The LEDs used during the early stages emitted only low intensity light. Soon, with development of technology LED manufacturers came up with bright LED lights that can be used to illuminate large spaces. The early discovered LEDs are still being used in remote controls and other similar devices.

Types of LED Lights:

LED lights come in different shapes to meet varied requirements. There are two types of led lights one is for indoor and the other is for outdoor.  LED flood and downlight lights are perfect for illuminating larger areas.

Another classification of LED lights can be done based on the color. These lights are available in a plethora of shades, including cool white,warm white, neutral white, red, green, blue and more. White lights are suitable for ambient lighting while color lights are perfect for decorative purposes.

Advantages of LED Flood and Down Lights:

This type of LED light offers an efficient and economical solution to lighting up huge spaces.There are many advantages of using LED exterior lights. These lights have an extremely long life, which is nearly 50,000 hours of service life. So, you don’t have to keep changing the lights often. Moreover, these flood lights deliver brighter light than counterparts consuming less energy, giving you great savings on energy as well as expenses. Plus, LED lights stay cool to the touch. So they are safer to use. Another big advantage of these outdoor lights is that they are highly durable.

LED lights are very eco friendly. Though the initial expense of installing an LED outdoor light could prove to be a little costly, it is economical in the long run as you will be spending less for powering and maintaining it. LED technology is suitable for lighting up large areas as it can be used to direct light to any particular area. The biggest and perhaps the best advantage of using light emitting diodes for outdoor as well as indoor lighting it that they are environmentally-friendly. With so many advantages of LEDs, it is a good choice for lighting up any area. These lights can be used almost anywhere, from stadiums and sports field to pavements and external walkways.

You can find LED flood lights in many retailer outlets as well as online stores. These lights may be priced a tad higher than incandescent or CFL bulbs, but offer good value for the money and reduce effort and expense on maintenance and repair.

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